Embroidery Resource Guide

Embroidery is a method of embellishment. It is most commonly thought of decorating a material, such as fabric, using a needle and thread, but is not necessarily limited to fabric and thread.  The term “Embroidery” can be used as an umbrella term for many different styles and techniques. Just as with quilting you have improv,…

Parallel-O-Grid Quilt Pattern PDF

I am so excited to announce that my newest pattern, Parallel-O-Grid, will be released on Saturday, Oct. 21st. This quilt uses HUGE blocks with repetitive techniques that allow for this quilt to be put together fast fast FAST! This top can easily be finished on a Saturday Crafternoon! This pattern has been designed with the…

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  • Suzanne

    I’ve been getting sneaky peaks on Instagram, but haven’t seen the other testers blocks/quilts… wow aren’t they amazing.  Hard to believe it is the same design!  Love them all.

Quilt Pattern Tutorial: Square-in-Square Block

Square-in-Square Block Tutorial For PERFECT Square-in-Square Blocks every time!! The Square-in-Square Block is a quick and easy traditional quilt block. It is commonly used as a transition block, whether between two blocks in a quilt, or as a way to create some negative space in a repetitive block pattern. It is also a block that…

  • Nice job as always Meg!!! 

  • […] This pattern has been designed with the beginner in mind, but even a seasoned sewist/quilter will enjoy the process. The pattern calls for a special half-square triangle technique, and all of the instructions for the techniques used in the quilt are explained using both written directions and full color diagrams. The quilt also uses Square-in-Square blocks, and lucky for you, I just released a step-by-step tutorial on how to make PERFECT Square in Square Blocks HERE! […]

  • Julie

    This makes neat flying geese blocks too

The Monarch Project

Hello, Friends! We moved into our current home six years ago, and since the beginning I’ve been working on the garden. Expanding the beds, creating new beds, slowly filling said beds with perennials. I’m not a proper gardener, but I do have a cottage garden that is overflowing with flowering plants that attract pollinators and…

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  • Lani

    We haven’t been able to save Monarchs, but our Painted Lady Butterflies just hatched! We have 5 we will be releasing in 2 days!